Citizens’ Education and Mobilization for Women Voter Registration and Participation in Electoral Processes

Pakistan is a democratic country, where according to the constitution, every man and women above 18 years has a right to be in electoral process as a voter. Unfortunately, over the years women have been excluded from the political participation for casting vote. According to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) that there are 12.17 million fewer women registered as voters as compared to men. Of a total of 97.02 million citizens registered as voters, 54.59 million are men (56.27%) and 42.42 million are women (43.72%). Hence there is considerable, the male-female voter gap which is swelling every year.

TDEA under CVP took initiative to empower people and organizations to initiate change from the grassroots level, in which IDEA is implementing a project in Battagram, KP.

Mainly, IDEA is engaging stakeholders for increasing women’s NIC and voter registrations (conduct 32 meetings) along with Organizing NADRA Mobile Registration Vans (MRV). Apart from these, the other activities are:

  • Door-to-Door visits for NICs and voter registration of women, through already trained volunteers.
  • Organize community meetings in each of the assigned census block where either, women turnout has remained low
  • Facilitation of Women for NIC Registration:
  • Organize community meetings in each of the assigned census block.