The concept of quality of life not only depends on economic conditions of a society but also on social conditions and relationships among its units. In last fifteen years several social welfare concepts have emerged. All these concepts focus on the quality of life in terms of prevalence of  peace, equality, security, freedom and relationships within the units of a society.

Since the start of Zarb-e Azab in June-2014 had not only disturb the project activities but also impacted on girls education. Threats pamphlets distributed regarding closing of girls institutions. The impact of Zarb-e-Azab seen in the shape of closure of almost 50-60 government schools in most trouble area of Salrazu & Mehmund tehsils.

IDEA had also lost its three valuable teachers including two school going children and driver. On the direction of political administration IDEA has to close its four CBEs in trouble area of Salarzu & Mohmund.

IDEA envisages progressive and prosperous society with justice and peace and its mission is to strive for development and empowerment of the marginalized communities through effective participatory approach and institutional development.


  • Location: BAjawar Agency
  • Donor/Partner: IRC
  • PM/Focal name: Mr. Shakil Utman, Ashiq Zaman
  • Time Line: July  From Sep 01, 2013  To: June 30th, 2016

The project has been designed to focus areas where schools do not exist in the in the surrounding areas of 2 kilometers depriving children of access to basic right of education in Bajawar Agency


Development of a peaceful society in FATA.


IDEA established 40 Community Based Education Centres (CBEC) in 02 phases. In 1st phase 20 CBEs established in the month of December 2013, while in the next 2nd phase 20 CBECs in the month of July-14 with the support of Agency Education Office, Political administration and the community. All centres were equipped with essentials schools supplies and teaching/learning materials. Library corners were established in all 40 CBECs through the support of local communities. Basic training of hired teachers (61 female & 45 male) conducted in different contents like modern teaching techniques, methodology, healing classroom approach and peace education, which ultimately benefited students’ learning and promoted basic education in crisis-affected areas of Bajaur Agency. Total 5533 out of school children were registered in CBECs including 3173 Girls. During the project life 3520 (boys 1755 & Girls 1765) children mainstreamed in government schools.

Grafting the Skills and Literacy

Shenkoty is a remote and faraway area of Tehsil Salarzo Bajaur Agency. Literacy rate in village Shenkoty is very low.IDEA has started implementing education project in 6 Tehsils of Bajaur Agency by establishing 40 Community Base Education Centres in school fewer Communities. A list of feasible location received from Education Department in a coordination meeting.

IDEA education team established CBE in the house of in The Hujra of Khani Gul after a consultation meeting with TIJ Members. A list of about 120 out of school children (Boys & Girls) submitted by TIJ members with IDEA office. IDEA team launched enrolment campaign to conduct meeting with parents to send their children to newly established school.

Due to The commitment of teachers and devotion of Khani Gul in a short Time, CBE earned a good name and reputation in the community and in the hearts of peoples. Parents started enrolling their children with a trust and confidence that the children are in very safe and caring hands of local educated, devoted and committed teachers. Teachers focused academic as well character building of students.

A community member Admitted his son in this CBE with his 6 years old Ahmadullah with some strange and unlike habits on 15 April 2014. His father gave him special attention. Due To the commitment of Teachers As Ahmadullah was enrolled in a government established a school in class 2nd but no improvement could not be seen Neither in his academic nor in his attitude. Naik Zada and Samiullah paid special attention to Ahmadullah to bring positive changes in his academics and attitude Teachers Involve them in curriculum activities and speech competition.

But with the passage of time and hard work of teachers and attention of his father positive changes appearing in his attitude and behavior towards his studies and manners.

Now he is regular, do his homework timely, participate in the co-curricular activity. He received a 2nd position in last annual examination. He is a shining star and will brighter and brighter in future.

When interview held with his Father about his son  His Father told to idea staff  that he glad to see his son because he possesses all the good habits of a good and mannered child. He thanked teachers and IDEA education team for their efforts to educate the children of Bajaur Agency in such a good manner. He told to the idea staff that now I am very Happy to see my children in school Base Event Activities in Speech Competition and on the change of My children Behaviour.

In Different School Base Event Programs Ahmadullah Received Different Prize From his teachers and Education Officer of Idea due to his Ability and good Participation in programs  He receives 1st position in speech competition, jokes and Drama presentation etc.