The selected Bajawar Agency is predominantly rural with poor infrastructure, an acute shortage of basic services, lack of economic opportunities and serious governance issues that collectively fuel the crisis. Large sections of the population still lack access to electricity, clean drinking water and sanitation facilities other social service like education. Even where rudmentary facilities exist, service levels are barely functional.

IDEA supports the  strategic objective to strengthen on-and off-farm income generating activities for the poor marginalized community.

  • Location: Bajawar Agency
  • Donor/Partner: Swiss Development Cooperation ,Intercooperation
  • PM/Focal name: Mr. Shah Nasir
  • Time Line: July: 01, 2015 To June 30, 2016

Bajaur is one of the most backward agencies of Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) reeling from the ongoing war against militants.IDEA’s livelihood and Natural Resource Management programs begin with understanding community needs and assets. Community participation is a key feature in IDEA community development programs.


Enhanced livelihood and betterment for the local population of Bajawar


The instant project aims at improving the livelihoods of poor communities in Pak-Afghan Border areas. The Project provided Services Facilitation social mobilization, non formal education and capacity building services.

  • In Bajawar Agency , the big proportion of local communities livelihoods are dependent on agriculture and livestock,. In agriculture 40 plots with 40 farmers, 1 kanal per farmer established on cost sharing basis.In the current year 2016, the activity is upscalled and plots are established with 91 farmers with 2 kanals/farmer in Feb and May 2016.The activity is carried out with technical support of Syngenta Pakistan Ltd and Agriculture Extension Department Bajaur Agency.The vertical farming of tomato crop is almost a new activity in the area for most of the Agricultural Extension Department (AED) staff Bajaur as well . For the orientation & experience sharing of farmers on vertical farming, an exposure visit to Buner, Rustam & Tarnab was organized by LPH for line department staff and farmers, in which 6 tomato growers from Arang valley and 2 line department staff members along with LPH employee participated from Bajaur.
  • To capacitate and enhance the skills and technology to the farmers various trainings like seed storage techniques, improved sowing and harvesting techniques etc, specific trainings are arranged for the farmers of each CBO. Similarly to equip the villagers with proper techniques of Livestock care, sThe farmers are mobilized for cost sharing in feed/ration for their livestock.A middle man for each batch of Feedlot Fattening cycle was identified and involved in the activity to support the farmers during the activity and ensure the sale of livestock after completion of cycle on good price and upscale this model and adopt it in future on commercial basis.In NON-FORMAL EDUCATION (NFE) AND ADULT LITERACY CENTER (ALC) sector, IDEA was able to established 30Non Formal Education (NFE ) and 6 ALC schools Provision of Text Books (Sets) for the students of the  (30 sets/ALC) were also distributed. 30  NFE schools are functional in Arang Valley wherein 1597 children (50.1% girls and 49.9% boys) are enrolled. The VECs are fully functional, supporting the NFE teachers and also monitoring their performance in the school.