In the year 20114-16, With the recent IDPs influx in military operations in NWA, population of the district Bannu has almost become doubled. The IDPs influx has put tremendous strain on the limited existing facilities in the hosting areas. Due to its highly vulnerable situation, IDEA has been focused on multi-sectoral humanitarian assistance to IDP and host communities mainly in Livelihood , social cohesion and Protection

Title: Humanitarian Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons in Pakistan

Direct Beneficiaries: 21710  Male and 23884 Female (45594 in toto)

Location: District Bannu  for IDPs of NWA

Donor/Partner: UNDP Pakistan


Enhance protection, livelihoods and access to public health of vulnerable displaced people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province


Based on the demonstrated access capacity in KPK for IDPs context, IDEA with the technical and Financial assistance from CARE \CHO implemented an integrated FSL and WASH interventions to respond to the IDPs needs in 7 UCs of District Bannu. IDEA reached over 63,795 individuals in the district Bannu through an integrated intervention in:

  • Food security and Livelihood -FSL, targeting only TDPs; and
  • WASH, targeting primarily Host but TDP Communities. As TDP were returning therefore most of Water supply interventions e.g. PHED and hand pumps were delivered to host communities. This was done after approval from CIP.

Through cash transfer program (cash for work and conditional cash grant), the project targeted the poorest and highly vulnerable women and men, who are food insecure and have already adopted negative coping strategies.

IDEA developed distribution plan, the project gave a conditional cash transfer of 7,200 PKR per month period to 975 IDP households to cover food and other basic needs. Taking into account the on-going IDPs’ movement within and between districts as well as related to the return process, CCG was organized in three cycle. The strategy allowed adequate time for targeting considering these challenges. Cash payment was made directly in the communities by Tameer mobile banking van. IDEA developed distribution plan and submitted to CIP, After CIP approval the disbursement plan was submitted to AC/DDMO Bannu for providing needful security cover for the disbursement day. Tameer Bank van distributed cash amongst CCG and CFW beneficiaries.

The sessions aim at a realization and consequently behavior change of the community. The content was stretched and more detailed participatory group work was offered to CCG beneficiaries.  IDEA ensured that no more than 40 participants attended these sessions in order to make sure that the instructor/beneficiary ratio is in appropriate range.

To cover the access to safe drinking water in 7 UCs, IDEA was able to rehabilitate ,Construct 36 Schemes . O&M kits distributed for each PHED WSS and hand pumps.

Furthermore , IDEA designed and facilitated WASH and hygiene awareness campaigns in targeted communities and monitored results. The campaigns included awareness sessions and village clean-up campaigns through CFW working with different groups of women, men and focusing on appropriate pedagogical methods that reflect the low literacy rates, particularly amongst the TDP women. These sessions were conducted by hygiene promoters, facilitated by the community mobilizers both male and female, drew attention on the three most important times to wash hands, promoted safe disposal of excreta and ensured that messages around safe handling of clean water in the home are also passed to women, men, boys and girls.

IDEA reached 42096 against target of 41000 individuals through hygiene sessions that split includes: Men 11787, Women 11366, Boys 9682, Girls 9261. Contents and Manuals for hygiene promotion were provided by CIP. Main contents of the sessions were personal hygiene and nutrition.