Project Name:  Enhancing Access to Quality Education in KP

Project Duration:    August to December 2019 (Completed)

From:  January 2020 to December 2020 (on going)

Sponsoring Agency:  UNHCR

Area:  Peshawar Region:   Peshawar Charsadda and   Nowshera Kohat Region:  Kohat, Hangu, Bannu Lakki   Marwat and DI Khan)


EAQE Purpose: To ensure Quality Education in Afghan Refugees School.

Outcome 1: Primary education provided or supported in RV’s school.

Outcome 2: Measures to promote girls’ education.

Outcome 3: Measures to improve Access to primary education and inclusion of Afghan children in Public schools.


Formal Schools

S. No Region Name Camp Name School Code
1 Kohat Ghandi Khan Khel PSB-034
2 Peshawar Akora Khattak PSB-136
3 Peshawar Akora Khattak PSB-138
4 Peshawar Kund Khairabad PSB-139
5 Peshawar Badabir PSB-142
6 Peshawar Baghawnan PSB-143
7 Peshawar Hajizai PSB-147
8 Peshawar Kababyan PSB-153
9 Peshawar Khairabad PSB-166
10 Peshawar khazana PSB-167
11 Peshawar Naguman PSB-174
12 Peshawar Zindai PSB-185
13 Kohat Doaba PSB-189
14 Kohat Ghamkol PSB-190
15 Kohat Ghamkoil PSB-191
16 Kohat Ghulam Banda PSB-193
17 Kohat Kohat PSB-199
18 Kohat Kotki PSB-200
19 Kohat Mamu Khore PSB-202
20 Kohat Oblen PSB-204
21 Peshawar Shamshatoo PSB-279
22 Peshawar Akora Khattak PSB-343
23 Peshawar Khurasan PSB-344
24 Kohat Bezan Khel PSC-031
25 Kohat Ghambilla PSC-032
26 Kohat Pusha Pull PSC-045
27 Kohat Ratta Kulachi PSC-047
28 Peshawar Turkman PSC-170
29 Kohat Cheechana PSC-187
30 Kohat Sheendand PSC-276
31 Peshawar Khazana PSG-048
32 Peshawar Khurasan PSG-094
33 Peshawar Hajizai PSG-096
34 Peshawar Mira Kachori PSG-103
35 Peshawar Naguman PSG-105
36 Peshawar Kababyan PSG-109
37 Kohat Ghamkol PSG-271
38 Kohat Ghamkol PSG-302
39 Kohat Oblen PSG-340
40 Peshawar Akora Khattak PSG-349


ALP Schools

1 Kohat Kata Kane HAN/HBGS-19
2 Peshawar Jhangir Abad HBGS 04
3 Peshawar Khalidabad HBGS 05
4 Peshawar Board Nasirbagh HBGS 07
5 Peshawar Dobiguard HBGS 17
6 Peshawar Afghan Colony HBGS 29
7 Peshawar Danishabad HBGS 31
8 Peshawar Tajabad HBGS 32
9 Peshawar Tajabad HBGS 33
10 Peshawar Tajabad HBGS 34
11 Peshawar Tajabad 6 HBGS 35
12 Peshawar Tajabad 14 HBGS 36
13 Peshawar Tajabad HBGS 37
14 Peshawar Tajabad HBGS 38
15 Peshawar Danishabad HBGS 39
16 Peshawar Tajabad 6 HBGS 40
17 Kohat Ghamkol KHT/HBGS-02
18 Kohat Ghamkol KHT/HBGS-03
19 Kohat Khwaja Abad KHT/HBGS-06
20 Kohat Ghamkol KHT/HBGS-08
21 Kohat Mandori Stop KHT/HBGS-09
22 Kohat Cheechana KHT/HBGS-10
23 Kohat Malang Abad KHT/HBGS-11
24 Kohat Gulshan Abad KHT/HBGS-13
25 Kohat Oblan KHT/HBGS-16
26 Kohat Ghamkol KHT/HBGS-20
27 Kohat Jungel Khel KHT/HBGS-21
28 Kohat Hafiz Abad KHT/HBGS-22
29 Kohat Ghulam Banda KHT/HBGS-23
30 Kohat Ghulam Banda KHT/HBGS-24
31 Kohat Ghamkol KHT/HBGS-25
32 Kohat Cheechana KHT/HBGS-26
33 Kohat Ghamkol KHT/HBGS-27
34 Kohat Ghamkol KHT/HBGS-28
35 Kohat Ghamkol KHT/HBGS-30


Opening of bank accounts

IDEA facilitated all 292 active teachers for the opening of their bank accounts.

Till date 272 teacher’s bank accounts have been opened, 11 teacher’s bank accounts are under process, their account opening documents are not yet confirmed by banks Head Offices Karachi.

09 teacher’s bank accounts are not possible because of ACC holders.

In Kohat region we have total of 123 active teachers out of which 121 teachers have opened their bank accounts and 02 teachers accounts are in process.

In Peshawar region we have total of 169 active teachers out of which 151 teachers have opened their banks accounts and 09 teacher’s accounts are in process and 09 are ACC holders.


School Management Committee Meeting

From August to December 2019 IDEA field Education staff have conducted 181 School Management Committee (93 Peshawar Region, 88 Kohat Region).

The SMCs members were encourage and mobilized for ensuring their active  participation and engagement for improved enrolment, reduced absenteeism,  and completion rate.

All these efforts were made to improve and retain enrolment in schools and address cultural barriers confronting girls’ education.


Community Mobilization Sessions

From August to December 2019 IDEA field Education staff have conducted 231 Community Mobilization sessions.

In these sessions’ 980 male/parents and 550 female/parents had been mobilized and sensitized about the importance of education, especially for;

Increasing girls enrollment, decreasing dropout and long absenteeism and resolving community issues and boosting support to SMCs.


Enrollment Campaign

From August to December 2019 IDEA field Education staff have launched the enrollment campaign with the support SMCs and community mobilization sessions.

IDEA have increased the total enrollment from 14074 to 15619 students. (1545 enrollment increased).

The boys enrollment increases form 10577 to 10770. (193 boys enrollment increased.

The girls enrollment has been increased from 3497 to 4849. (1352 girls enrollment increased).

Celebration of International Days in RVs

Total 4 International Days were celebrated

Peshawar Region celebrated the following days.

1.  International Children’s Day       (November 26, 2019)

2.  International Human Rights Day (December 17, 2019)

Kohat Region celebrated the following days.

1.  International Children’s Day   (November 20, 2019)

2.  International Migrants Day     (December 20, 2019)


School Supplies

IDEA Distributed 14084 no of books sets to.

Kachi 2388
Grade 1 4082
Grade 2 4162
Grade 3 3452
Total 14084

Distributed 2738 School bags in Peshawar Region and 2731 in Kohat Region, total 5469 school bags were distributed.

Distributed Floor Mats in all schools

Distributed Students register and Teachers register in all schools


Closing and Merging of Schools

HBGS-15 Lakki Marwat and HBGS-18 Peshawar are closed.

HBGS-01 Ghamkol Kohat Merged with PSG-271 Ghamkol Kohat.

HBGS-014 Gandi Khan Khel Lakki Marwat Merged with PSB-034.

PSB-198 Kata Kani Hngu Handed over to local community.


Issues and Challenges

Transition from Afghani Curriculum to Pakistani Curriculum

Non availability of Books for grade 4 to grade 6 students

Late distribution of books for KG to Grade 3 students

Proof of Residency for Afghan Citizens in Bank Account Opening

Teachers capacity to teach Pakistani Curriculum

Mobility constraint due to limited vehicles in project


Mitigation measures to Overcome Issues and Challenges

Involved DA office, Community Influential and Shura Members in convincing the community and decreasing the strong resistance

Hiring of 41 Volunteer Teachers for starting catch up classes to cover the syllabus before final exam.

Facilitated all teachers in Bank Account Opening and bringing bank official to  their schools for thumb verification and documentations.

IDEA staff utilizes their personal vehicles for official field visits.


Hiring of HBGS officer and volunteer teachers

IDEA hired two female HBGS officer and provided them orientation on EAQE Project Activities.

41 Volunteer Teachers are hired for starting Catch Up Classes in both regions.

Volunteer Teachers were oriented on their JDs and Catch Up Classes.

All volunteer teachers are performing their duty in their respective schools



Project Performance Report PPA-912.

Student Statistics Data December 2019 (IDEA)