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Psychosocial and Child Protection

Provision of Psycho-social Support Services and Child Protection is an important program of IDEA. IDEA provides psycho-social support services through counseling and treatment especially to the conflict affected people. It also provides training to the school teachers about psycho-social support to the students. IDEA believes that children are our future; therefore we provide services for child protection through financial support, education and health services.

Livelihood and Community Development

All our livelihood and community development programs begin with understanding community needs and assets. A socioeconomic baseline study is conducted to seek information on the demographics, health, education, geography, physical and economic infrastructure, environment and ecology, social structures and norms, politics and institutions. Our development programs are drawn from a broad range of human development possibilities, Basic health, water and sanitation, education, agriculture, livelihoods, micro credits, small and medium-size enterprises, etc.

Community participation is key feature in our community development programs. Each program is Community participation is key feature in our community development programs. Each program is designed in consultation with the stakeholders.

Democracy, Governance & Research Program

Democracy and governance are significant features of overall programs of IDEA. Ensuring political participation for both women and men is part of IDEAs future plans. For IDEA good governance means all the actors (government, civil society and Politicians) have to demonstrate accountability, transparency, performance management and predictability in focused poverty reduction programs as guided by Millennium Development Goals that are delivered effectively and efficiently.

Community participation in decision making is done through creating community pressure groups and their affectivity is ensured through the community based organizations network.

Research is a significant feature of Democracy, Governance & Research Program of IDEA. All the programs developed by IDEA are based on baseline surveys, rapid need assessment and formative research. IDEA has conducted a long range of surveys that are developed according to the requirement of the project.

Child Protection

Child protection is a top priority. The first commitment is for IDEA itself to be safe for children. Building on that foundation, IDEA seeks to empower children, families and communities to prevent and respond to exploitation, neglect, abuse and other forms of violence affecting children, especially the most vulnerable.

Together with its Community, IDEA supports
* preventing exploitation, harmful traditional practices and violence against children in their families and communities
* protecting children living in vulnerable situations in communities
* Restoring children who have been abused, neglected or exploited.

IDEA is also considering Child protection as a cross cutting theme of all the projects. Inputs, Outputs, activities and indicators of all the projects are set as per the child protection.


IDEA designs and develops education programs at the grass root level. Our education programs are pragmatic and futuristic, manageable in all media of instructions. While executing the programs we involve Parent Teachers Association (PTA) or Village Education Committees (VECs) for school improvement programs.

We enhance the capacity and skills of teachers through professional development needs trainings courses which can be used for improved teaching methods and classroom management. We also involve and enhance the capacity of Parent Teachers Council (PTC) or Village Education Committee (VEC) for school monitoring and especially for girls enrollment.

We educate adult people (men & women) of the targeted communities in functional literacy so that their daily matters are dealt with.Restoration and rehabilitation of the government educational institutions is the key area of IDEAs interventions.

Health for All

IDEA has developed and executed many programs in the area of health. Our focus is mother and child health along with the primary healthcare.

We are providing health services in Buner and Swat. We have established mobile and static health units in the conflict affected areas, where free medical consultations and medicine are provided to the marginalized communities.

IDEA works in close coordination with provincial health department, as we believe that sustainability can only be achieved if the services sectors are strengthened. IDEA is mainly focusing in strengthening the service delivery mechanism through strengthening of the government health institutions (BHU, RHC etc.)designed in consultation with the stakeholders.

Women Empowerment

Women issues by and large are left unattended due to cultural and religious limitations. IDEA has developed a mechanism, through which we design such programs that support women within their cultural and religious spheres.

IDEA executes programs for women empowerment that focus on the formal and non-formal education and livelihood programs. Development of Adult literacy centers is our forte; we develop programs of adult education for women in the areas as remote as FATA, Swat and Buner.

Capacity building programs are initiated in shape of vocational skill, cattle and poultry farming, nursery rearing and other marketable trades. All our livelihood programs for women are market oriented, yet women are not required to sell their commodities, their copartners are trained and linked to the market.

Emergency Relief through Volunteerism

Emergency Relief program of IDEA is focused more on volunteerism. In each agency of FATA and all the districts of NWFP, the networks of youth groups and community based organizations are actively involved in emergency relief, when required. From tent village erection to provision of NFIs and FIs, IDEA remains in the forefront with the support of its group of volunteers. In the recent conflicts, IDEA is providing health, education, psychosocial support, WASH and skill building services in Swat, Buner, Kohat, DIK and Tank.

Our On Going Projects


Section: Education

Location: Torghar, Pakistan

Partner: USAID

PM/Focal name: Unspecified

Time Line: Jun 01, 2017 to Feb 27, 2018


IDEA and Care International Organized DRR seminar collabration with PDMA Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Held on 16th Augest 2016 @ Pearl Continental Peshawar

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