Our Program

Emergency Relief through Volunteerism

Emergency Relief program of IDEA is focused more on volunteerism. In each agency of FATA and all the ....

Women Empowerment

Women issues by and large are left unattended due to cultural and religious limitations. IDEA has de ....

Health for All

IDEA has developed and executed many programs in the area of health. Our focus is mother and child h ....


IDEA designs and develops education programs at the grass root level. Our education programs are pra ....

Psychosocial and Child Protection

Provision of Psycho-social Support Services and Child Protection is an important program of IDEA. ID ....

Democracy, Governance & Research Program

Democracy and governance are significant features of overall programs of IDEA. Ensuring political pa ....

Child Protection

Child protection is a top priority. The first commitment is for IDEA itself to be safe for children. ....

Livelihood and Community Development

All our livelihood and community development programs begin with understanding community needs and a ....


IDEA and Care International Organized DRR seminar collabration with PDMA Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Held on 16th Augest 2016 @ Pearl Continental Peshawar
IDEA Promoting Cycling in Peshawar
Held on 18th Augest 2016 @ IDEA Head Office
IDEA and Care International Organized Consultative Workshop with Line Departments on District Disaster Management Plan Peshawar
Held on 26th Augest 2016 @ Pearl Continental Peshawar

Media Feeds

Inauguration of GGPS DAAG BEHSUD 2016

Azaadi Festival 2015


On Going Work

Peace-Communities and Governments
Doner : IRC Pakistan Starting Date : 2013-09-01
Doner : Care International Starting Date : 2015-06-01
Enhancing Livilihoods Opportunities for IDPs
Doner : UNDP Pakistan Starting Date : 2015-07-01

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